Our qualified road marking teams have extensive experience working in industrial environments where challenges of maintaining access/egress, surface wear and tear, and material durability are managed efficiently and affordably. We use only the highest quality marking paints for road and car park marking. Depending upon requirements, we can supply Latex, Epoxy, Alkyd or Chlorinated Rubber paints. If required, we can apply reflective glass beads to the wet paint to increase reflective properties in the glare of headlights to improve night working safety.
We can remove any existing markings using various methods such as:
• Thermal Lance
• Scabbling
• Hydroblasting
• Over colouring

Our support services can repair potholes or renew patches or joints of trafficked areas in need of repair or preparation of road markings.
For further information on your road marking requirements, please contact or telephone 0191 4990024