Rail Safety Inspections

Infrasafe’s extensive experience in rail safety operations and rail consultancy means we are ideally qualified to conduct railway safety inspections and audits. We are a Link-up Approved provider of Safety Audits and Safety Management System Reviews, and work closely with a variety of rail and construction organisations to audit their current systems and practices. This includes workplace visits to monitor current practices and identify non-compliance, unsafe methods and safety hazards where present. We check to ensure that your management systems fulfil all relevant legislation and industry standards and can effectively control any health and safety risks.

Findings are presented in a comprehensive confidential report with recommendations and advice for improving your systems and procedures to the required standards and legislation. We can, of course, help and advise with this implementation to ensure that your company is geared to achieving all of its objectives in a safe environment.

For all of your rail safety inspection requirements please contact us or get in touch with Brian Cairns at brianc@infrasafe.co.uk or on 0191 499 0024 for assistance.